Improving financial


When young Australians are equipped with the skills to make informed financial decisions, everyone benefits.

We are a philanthropic foundation, established by the Managing Directors of Panthera Finance Group in 2018. We support non-profit organisations that share our purpose of improving financial resilience in the communities in which we operate.

Why our purpose matters

Financial attitudes

of Australians find dealing with money stressful and overwhelming

Keeping track of finances

of Australians stick to a budget

Planning ahead

of Australians are not able to access $2000 in an emergency

Choosing financial products

Australians don’t understand simple investment concepts

Staying informed

Australians don’t know the current value of their super

Financial control

of Australians report not saving money over the last 6 months

Our focus

Improving financial literacy in our communities


Improving educational and employability opportunities for young Australians


Reducing the impact and frequency of domestic violence

We believe that improving financial literacy in young Australians will equip them with the skills, knowledge and resilience to make informed financial decisions when the time comes.

How do we offer support?

We support Australian non-profit organisations who have been carefully selected to enable our Foundation to deliver the most impact. We believe they are all successful in delivering on our purpose, with proven sustainable and effective outcomes.